Louis Bacon reaping the whirl wind of his offensive actions, says Keod Smith

Louis Bacon reaping the whirl wind of his offensive actions, says Keod Smith

Attorney and Political Activist Keod Smith says that a report in the Tribune of Monday March 9th about Louis Bacon, the embattled Hedge Fund boss and his “Save the Bays” team in The Bahamas lodging a formal complaint to the Police on fears for their personal safety while implicating by inference others, is “…a classical example of the boy who cried wolf”.

Mr. Smith said The Tribune is on top of its agenda to twist and distort the news in favour of Mr. Bacon while using a former Tribune Editor as the link between Bacon and Tribune Media Limited.

Mr. Smith said The Tribune’s “unfeigned attempt to again tarnish the reputation of Canadian Fashion Designer and Merchandiser Peter Nygard in their story “will be met with legal force.”

Two years ago, said Mr. Smith, “Mr. Bacon had no fear for his safety in The Bahamas, when he called the Royal Bahamas Police Force a terrorist organization.”

Mr. Smith said evidence will soon be released in a New York Court room to show a controversial rogue FBI officer named Jerry Forrester was also employed by Bacon and his connection.

“Jerry Forester bragged that he made a living out of kidnapping Bahamians in the USA and illegally bringing them to Nassau to be implicated in criminal offences,” Mr. Smith said.

“Yet this Louis Bacon individual has the audacity to put in writing to the Royal Bahamas Police Force that he is in fear of his life in The Bahamas because some Bahamians depicted him in a Junkanoo parade in The Bahamas as having close family ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Not only is the depiction completely correct, the Police must not allow themselves to be used as a sword to stifle the absolute freedom of speech and expression that has underpinned Junkanoo since as far back as 1815,” remarked Mr. Smith, who is known to have tabled archived Junkanoo documents in the House of Assembly back in 2004 when he sat as a Member of Parliament and contributed to the debate creating the Clifton Heritage National Authority and securing 208.14 acres of land of the Whylly Plantation at Clifton Point.

“Furthermore, any right thinking person can assess that because of the reputations of questionable characters which he openly employed in The Bahamas, Bacon ought to know that he is likely to be subjected to; if not already under the surveillance of the very police force that he has described as being terrorist,” says Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith said “Louis Bacon, Fred Smith, Joe Darville, Paco Nunez and Dianne Philips” – the persons reportedly holding themselves out as victims in The Bahamas along with Mr. Bacon have conveniently forgotten that a young man was seriously injured in a hit and run at Jaws Beach in 2013 by a car driven by Fred Smith. The public has not forgotten that Fred Smith went out onto the beach at Clifton and openly provoked a peaceful team of young Bahamian skilled labourers because Louis Bacon was against the public gaining full rights and access to that beach.

“Now along comes this crocodile complaint from the Bacon camp that they are in danger in this country. When Louis Bacon stood up at the Audubon Society in New York in 2013 and without apology threw mud in the face of the Bahamian people with his false claim that as a self-proclaimed White Man, he led the struggle to save Clifton… these are the troublesome issues that have been forgotten while these imposters weep their Hollywood painted-on tears,” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith said Bahamians can just look at Louis Bacon’s “proud boast on his website and Google search engine about his pride, love and bragging rights to claim the leader of the KKK in Wilmington North Carolina as his forebearer.

“Then Bacon has the gall to tell the Commissioner of Police that when Bahamians repeat what Mr. Bacon has so sternly and proudly promoted, that they are acting unlawful and in a threatening manner. While Fred Smith, Dianne Philips, Paco Nunez and Joe Darville think it is okay for a man like Bacon to brag about his White Supermacist past, and offensive for Black in The Bahamas to expose Bacon in terms of his genetic heritage, the Bahamian people are not fooled and welcomes the explanation,” Mr. Smith said.


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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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