David Davis’ naked lies

David Davis
Having long ago not bothered to concern itself with reporting truth, The Tribune newspaper has been on a wicket for several years now to paint Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard as some sort of villain in the community, going so far as to insist that Nygard pans to erect a $30 million stem cell treatment facility in the upscale community.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Why would Nygard want to put a medical facility in his home in a residential community that would require an enormous amount of traffic and would be better served in a business district or on the waterfront?

Short answer is, he wouldn’t.

Not to mention that Lyford Cay is zoned for strictly residential occupation.

Had The Tribune bothered to ask Nygard or one of his representatives, they would have discovered within five minutes that this made absolutely no sense.

But struggling for a sexy headline and desperate to publish in a rush, The Tribune took the word of David Davis, permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Davis is responsible for leaking details of a confidential meeting with Nygard, the prime minister’s senior policy advisor and government stakeholders to discuss the future of Nygard Cay and the fashion designer’s long-delayed plans to rebuild his world famous tree house estate after it was gutted by a suspicious fire during the heart of neighbor Louis Bacon’s feud with Nygard.

The Tribune quoted “confidential” minutes from a high-level meeting that it claims that Nygard was already prepping construction for the facility as the government was engaged in debate with the opposition over stem cell legislation.

“It appears he has already begun to put those plans into action, as recent photographs of Nygard Cay taken by members of the Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay show that construction work has begun on what looks like a spa-type building,” The Tribune said.

“The meeting between Mr. Nygard and his team, which included Carlos Mackey and Melissa Hall, and the BIA officials took place on June 19, 2012, just over one month after the general election.

The meeting, according to The Tribune, was held so Mr. Nygard could brief the Government on plans to restore the parts of Nygard Cay destroyed by fire, and to “introduce the concept for his proposed medical spa facility which will specialize in stem cell research and treatments”.

The report added: “With respect to the overall vision for the proposed project on Nygard Cay, Mr. Nygard explained that he intends to invest approximately $50 million – $25-$30 million designated to restore Nygard Cay, and $25-$30 million will be invested in building the medical/health spa facility.”

Of course, the newspaper went on to say that Nygard wanted to locate the facility in his home. And as is clear now, all that was garbage, debunked more than a year later when Nygard, fed up with Bacon’s lies and wholesale buying of the local media, countersued bacon in a New York court.

Compelled to tell the truth or risk contempt of court, The Tribune was forced to report the truth of the matter in the words of Nygard’s own attorneys.

Aaron Marks, Nygard’s U.S. attorney, sated in the lawsuit, “Indeed, we understand from counsel in the Bahamas that access to minutes of such a meeting is not permissible under Bahamian law.

“According, to our client, the minutes are also highly inaccurate, including that while there was a discussion during this meeting regarding stem cell research, there was no mention of any facility being built at Nygard Cay.”

Marks concluded that the ‘minutes’ of the Prime Minister’s Office meeting were “unreliable material”, and suggested their submission had been “perpetrated” by Save the Bays’ Bahamian attorneys like Fred Smith.

Through all of this, David Davis has been slithering like a snake, trying to save his skin.

But it is common knowledge that he is the leaker of the details of the meeting including the author of the fabricated minutes.

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