Fred Smith And Romi Ferreira Of The Coalition To Protect Clifton Bay On Radio’s ‘Issues Of The Day’ Program

Fred Smith And Romi Ferreira Of The Coalition To Protect Clifton Bay On Radio’s ‘Issues Of The Day’ Program


(l-r) Romi Ferreira and Fred Smith and of the Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay on radio's 'Issues of the Day' program Nassau, Bahamas — Members of the newly formed Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay (CPCB) were recently hosted on “Issues of the Day”. They shared the Coalition’s agenda and clarified some of the thorny issues. They describedthreats to Clifton Bay as “extraordinarily catastrophic.”

They emphasized that the passage of an Environmental Protection and Freedom of Information Act were essential to protecting the marine heritage in Clifton Bay and throughout The Bahamas. Appearing on “Issues of the Day” with host Wendell Jones were two Bahamian attorneys, Fred Smith and Romauld Ferreira, both noted for their strong contributions to environmental consultation and advocacy, Smith for over 35 years and Ferreira for 20 plus.

Fred Smith’s environmental work includes the formation of environmental lobbies on several islands, including the Grand Bahama, Bimini, Abaco. He has also mounted groundbreaking litigation on environmental issues, in particular “Save Guana Cay” starting at the Supreme Court all the way to the Privy Council on behalf of grass roots organizations.

In the most recent battle, Abaco Cares and Responsible Development For Abaco stopped the use of the toxic Bunker C fuel at the new Wilson City power plant erected by Bahamas Electricity Corporation in Abaco. Ferreira, who is an ecologist as well has been heavily involved with environmental research and the preparation of environmental impact assessments. Smith trumpeted a clarion call for unity among Bahamians and, as a political priority for the Coalition, the passage of environmental legislation.

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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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