Former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Member of Parliament Keod Smith says he is now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hedge Fund investor Louis Bacon’s latest rogue attack on the integrity on the PLP government, the Bahamian people and the nation itself is part of an orchestrated well-funded political campaign to buy a government in The Bahamas

Former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Member of Parliament Keod Smith says he is now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hedge Fund investor Louis Bacon’s latest rogue attack on the integrity on the PLP government, the Bahamian people and the nation itself is part of an orchestrated well-funded political campaign to buy a government in The Bahamas.

Mr. Smith’s charge comes in the aftermath of a story published in The Tribune on Wednesday March 4 in which it is reported that Mr. Bacon, in court documents filed in New York City, claims that because of a number of stories reported in the various newspapers about his ancestry, his associates, a dead body found on his premises in Lyford Cay, the illegally built boat basin by him on his property, the illegal excavation of the seabed of Clifton Bay, the criminal fines his company suffered in the last five years and its reported ongoing criminal investigation, leaves him to conclude that he cannot return to The Bahamas.

Somehow, Mr. Bacon concluded that the exposure of these things has led him to be in “fear for his life and the safety of his family”.

Mr. Smith says, “What Mr. Bacon is now doing is trying to blemish the name of the government and people of The Bahamas in an attempt to keep them from knowing the truth of who he is, what he is all about and what he truly wants from our country and its people. We are entitled to know these things. After all, he has bragged internationally and been given awards for his claim to have influenced our government and its decisions since 1999 on matters that were selfishly pronounced as being important to him because it was in his backyard in or connected to the Bay of Clifton.”.

“What this means to me is that he does not trust our people or its law enforcement to be honest about what they have uncovered about him and to be able to draw its fair conclusions about him,” argues Mr. Smith.

Last year, Mr. Bacon blasted the Royal Bahamas Police Force as being “terrorists” simply because they had executed a duly issued warrant that led to the seizure of supersonic speakers subject of a criminal complaint against him as well as the detention of his foreign national workers reported not to have had proper immigration papers.

After Commissioner of Police Elliston Greenslade publicly expressed his displeasure of Mr. Bacon’s comments, Mr. Bacon promptly withdrew the comments and apologized.

Since PLP Leader Prime Minister Perry Christie refused to be Mr. Bacon’s guest at the Audobon Society Award Gala Banquet where Mr. Bacon was being awarded for his claim to have led the 1999-2004 grassroots campaign in The Bahamas that led to the Free National Movement (FNM) Hubert Ingraham Administration losing a general election and the PLP government passing the law that vested the Whylly African Slave Plantation at Clifton in a statutory trust for the Bahamian people, Mr. Bacon has publicly claimed that the PLP Christie Administration is corrupt.

“I make my assertions not as an attorney for Mr. Nygard, but as a concerned Bahamian and as a senior member of the governing party, the PLP,” said Mr. Smith.

“We have uncovered incredible evidence that Mr. Bacon has recruited a publicist and a former reporter of The Tribune as a part of an organized campaign to topple the PLP administration,” said Mr. Smith.

“They are already training and recruiting a number of radio and social media jocks to push anti-PLP propaganda on their network and every effort is being made to paint Peter Nygard as someone who is harming the environment and that the PLP is allowing it to happen. This is an outright lie,” says Mr. Smith.

“Louis Bacon got his own way in The Bahamas when the FNM administration was in power,” Mr. Smith said.

“Here is a man who scoffed at our laws and without lawful permission built an upscale boat basin that goes underneath the house he claims to be his on the gated enclave of The Point House estate. As the PLP government had refused to grant any such permit for environmental and national security reasons, Bacon proceeded to secretively construct his boat basin. When the FNM government was confronted with the illegality, they retroactively granted the permit for the construction of the Boat Basin, which included his illegal excavation of the seabed of Clifton Bay,” Mr. Smith says.

“As a nationalist, it greatly troubles me to know that Bacon has the unmitigated temerity, gall and nerve to be loose in the New York press bad mouthing the integrity of my country, my government and my people. Why does Bacon believe that as scion of white racists and supremacists who have proven their intent to harm and hurt black people and black nations, he can come to our country, pronounce his pride for his reprehensible heritage and not have our people rise up to expose him? Does he really believe that we are all asleep?” asks Mr. Smith.

“Well, our little Bahamas has come a long long way since the 1950’s getting rid racism. We will never allow an outlier who describes himself in the context of The Bahamas as a “foreign white outsider”, to take us back to that ugly time when his forefathers reign supreme over black people and subjugated us to unspeakable horror. He is a fool to think that as the great grandson of the leader of the KKK in Wilmington, North Carolinas, his proud racist pronouncements to an enlightened 21st century Bahamas would not cast a spotlight on him and beg the answer to the question of who he is?” Mr. Smith said.

“No one in the whole wide world is surprised at a right wing reactionary newspaper like The Tribune for carrying Bacon’s drivel, bile and anger. The history of The Tribune is such that their pages have always been to the highest bidder. We all remember that a Commission of Inquiry reported that late Etienne Dupuch, the publisher and editor of The Tribune in the 1960’s was paid huge bribe monies to promote Casino Gambling for shady American characters,” Mr. Smith said.

“Much later in the 1980s it was discovered that Dupuch promoted the cause of the white racist South African Apartheid Government in his Editorials. So it is no surprise that The Tribune is now promoting Bacon’s attack on the integrity of the Bahamian people and the ruling party,” Mr. Smith said.

“Those persons who act on Bacon’s comments will not be aware that a man in the employ of Mr. Bacon named David Tuckfield was found dead in a hot tub in the living quarters of the Lyford Cay property that Bacon claims to be his.”

It is reported that the body of Tuckfield was allowed to be cremated and flown out of The Bahamas before a Coroner’s Court could be convened to fully investigate Tuckfield’s death which was widely reported as being suspicious.

“The Bahamas has not done anything to Louis Bacon other than help him advance his business empire and enjoy our hospitality and environment. Yet he chooses to repay our kindness with his scurrilous debauchery and insidious allegations. I call on Bahamians everywhere to resist the devil. Do not let Louis Bacon buy you on the slave block effectively, no differently than how his forebears did. The government and people of The Bahamas are not for sale,” Mr. Smith said.

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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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