Louis Bacon and his son Louis Junior, can be called upon by Bahamas Police to confirm or deny whether that they were at “The Point House”, their palatial $20 million estate on the waterfront in posh and private Lyford Cay, The Bahamas, when Dan Tuckfield, their property manager met his untimely death.

New court documents filed in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas on Monday December 7th, raised harrowing and serious questions that suggests a cover-up in Tuckfield’s death.Tuckefield_Murdered

Prominent Bahamian Attorney, Keod Smith, filed the documents for his client, retired Broadcaster, Sherman Brown, as part of a defence against a libel action that Bacon Senior had commenced against Brown in December 2014.

The documents disclose a series of events and circumstances which build a trail from the minute the Police dispatch in Nassau received a call on May 2nd, 2010 from a person claiming that The Point House was their residence and giving the name of an English person as having discovered Tuckfield drowned and floating in the pool.

From the minute the Police arrive on the scene, the documents disclose a suspicious plethora of activities leading to Tuckfield’s body being cremated without the requisite permission from his next of kin, and before the forensic and toxicological analyses had been completed.  Even the Coroner had not received the necessary notification and confirmation, let alone giving his authorization for the body to be removed from the Rand Morgue of The Princess Margaret Hospital.

Tuckfield’s body was actually found by Police sitting upright in the pool at Bacon’s Point House property at Lyford Cay on May 2nd 2010.

When the Police arrived on the scene, Tuckfield had been dead for several hours, although the recording of the numerous surveillance cameras on the Estate, seem not to capture Tuckfield entering the pool or the hot tub, or that there were other persons moving around this heavily surveilled compound of this highly secretive hedge fund tycoon.

What were they hiding?

Most of it comes to light from the court documents filed by Brown in his defence to Bacon’s belligerent legal assault on the Bahamian Broadcaster to have him imprisoned for his investigative pieces on the whole sordid affair.

The filing comes hot on the heels of Bacon and Peter Nygard, his billionaire neighbor fashion mogul, seemingly beginning to explore the settlement of their 8-year long feud which they both claim is based on the other impugning their character and reputation through overt lies.

The Court documents reveal that Bacon contends that Brown had colluded with Nygard and numerous others to perpetrate lies about Tuckfield’s death and the handling of his remains being suspicious and tending to show that there was a cover up.  Brown’s filed documents, although denial of Bacon’s claim, does go on to show that the surrounding facts do actually point to a suspicious death, and acts of Bacon or his surrogates to amount to fabrication, perjury and wrongful death which might support the basis for murder.

A review of the newly disclosed and detailed facts revealed in the documents filed in the Supreme Court by Brown, are as follows:-

  1.    Louis Bacon and his son Louis Bacon Junior were both in The Bahamas on the day in question when Tuckfield was discovered dead.
  2.    Louis Bacon may have made the frantic 919 call to the Police that Tuckfield had been discovered in his (Bacon’s) pool.
  3.    The name of the guest discovering the body appears suspicious as it is identical to the last names of the founders of a well-known leading UK manufacturers of candy and chocolate. Yet that person was never produced to the Police to give a statement clarifying whether Tuckfield was found in the pool or the hot tub.
  4.    On arrival, however, Police discovered Tuckfield was naked sitting upright in the hot tub on the estate, with water at chest level and at the temperature of 104°F.
  5.    The Pathologist had not made any findings as to whether the hot temperatures had any impact on Tuckfield’s death.
  6.    Tuckfield’s clothing were never submitted to for forensic analysis.
  7.    Tuckfield, an American citizen, had no Work Permit to be lawfully engaged in The Bahamas, yet Bacon admits that Tuckfield was working for him in The Bahamas.
  8.    Although Tuckfield had a criminal record in the USA which was sealed, the Court documents reveal that had been convicted of “trafficking in cocaine” in the 1980’s.
  9.    Such sealed criminal files usually indicate that the convict was engaged as an informant by a USA-based law enforcement agency.
  10.    It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that Bacon’s hedge fund was being investigated for the criminal charges of foreign currency manipulation.
  11.    Some of its top traders with direct access to Bacon, had caused the company to be fined over $100m for the criminal act of insider trading and a process called banging the close.

The questions that loom large over the episode are :-

a.      Was Tuckfield working undercover by a Specialized Financial Intelligence Agency snooping on Hedge Fund operators who have been on the radar since the crash of the world money market in the mid-2000s for their scurrilous and dishonest behavior?

b.      Did Tuckfield know too much or saw too much?

c.      Why did Bacon take the brazen risk of building an illegal boat basin beneath his main house on the Point House compound, away from the eyes of Bahamian law enforcement, and in flagrant disregard of our law??

What happened to Tuckfield’s body after it left the Bacon’s compound for the morgue draws even more suspicion.

We will address this and more in part two of this series

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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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