Diane Phillips Fraud

Bahamian PR/Marketing Professionals are demanding that as Diane Phillips cavorts with LOUIS BACON and his SAVE THE BAYS political group to give our beloved Bahamas a bad name internationally, she must be separated from the Bank of Bahamas and other public accounts.

Re-Negotiate.Org discussed the Diane Phillips controversy with a wide cross-section of Bahamian professionals this week as concern and even bitterness seems to be growing over how this woman was able to grab huge lucrative contracts from the public and private sectors in The Bahamas while masterminding the “Save the Bays” international nefarious campaign to paint The Bahamas “as a nation for sale”.

Now that it has become apparent that Diane Phillips, who Louis Bacon would describe as a Foreign White Outsider, was instrumental in conducting the “Save the Bays” public relations/marketing blitz of the anti-Christie PLP Government campaign, calls from well-thinking patriotic Bahamians are coming in from all over The Bahamas for her local firm to be separated from sensitive issues that she is exposed to, such as the Bank of the Bahamas, National Health Insurance and Stronger Bahamas.

Diane Phillips Fraud

“How is it even possible that Diane Phillips, with literally no track record of performance other than a claim that she wrote for the insidious international gossip sheet, The Enquirer, had gotten her tentacles so deep into lucrative Government contracts?” asked one senior Bahamian marketing consultant.

“The answer is simple. Once you are a so-called Foreign White Outsider in this town, then there is a cadre of local professionals, particularly lawyers who feel that if you clean up that person, although she is a homeless bum from the overpass in South Florida and present her as your partner before many Bahamian professionals and decision makers, then the contract and job is yours.  Bahamians have a very high hurdle to climb and are made to jump through one million hoops while the Foreign White Outsider pretender is given the keys to the town,” lamented the Bahamian consultant.

Another Bahamian marketing strategist said it is no wonder documents that were marked confidential that were Bahamas Cabinet papers, and even those coming out of the high Office of The Prime Minister, have found the international public eye in New York City, a treasonous criminal act in The Bahamas that could land the offenders in jail.

He said “while we trust a foreign White person with the state secrets, a natural born Bahamian would not even be able to get passed the receptionist to make an appointment. This disgusting practice is now exposed. Now the Government is wringing its hands and hollering and screaming. They want us to celebrate Majority Rule but when you look around, we see how the best this country has to offer in contracts and services in the public and private realm, goes to White foreigners.  Amazingly, many of these people are actually pursued, courted and then invited to come here and take work out of the hands of well-qualified, capable and well-meaning Bahamians.”

Another Bahamian professional expressed shock and disgust with how the Government dumped local marketing and public relations firms for this Foreign White Outsider.  Phillips’ firm was given the lucrative deal to marshal in the VAT regime over a year ago.

“This woman singular distinction is one which would lead to her losing her license to practice in any other country. She did a dirty deed in the Advertising genre which would have driven her out of business.  People forget that Phillips opened an East Bay Street water front restaurant under the name ‘Fridays’ several years ago.”

The American corporation which owns the TGIF or Friday’s brand brought a law suit against her, and after damages were determined, the place was shut down and the name was forcibly changed.  At a minimum, this would have been fraudulent misrepresentation, although we consider it to simply be fraud.

“If I am not mistaken, although I would not swear by it, I think this woman had the audacity to invite the Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism to officially open her restaurant, whether they realized it or not, they assisted her in that fraud. Yet she is still holding on at the Bank of The Bahamas. Are we just stupid or something?”

Interestingly, Louis Bacon’s so-described Foreign White Outsider is to be equated to nothing more than the proverbial “SNAKE IN THE GRASS”.



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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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