LOUIS MOORE BACON: Neo-Confederate RACIST White Supremacist

With the racially motivated KILLING in Charlottesville, Virginia USA, we now have even more evidence confirming that Louis MOORE Bacon’s boldfaced RACIST behavior, descends through his maternal family line. Could it be that he is trying to sow in the collective psyche of unsuspecting Bahamians, the deep-rooted “Hate” that is commonplace in his USA “South” Heritage?

Terror in Charlottesville: This is the moment the vehicle smashed into anti-fascist demonstrators Saturday 

The recent killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia USA, has, for Bahamians, subliminally rang-out the maternal family name of Louis MOORE Bacon, the most overt public racist that The Bahamas has seen on our soil since its Independence in 1973.

Heyer was killed (see video below) while she and others, as counter-protesters, attended a rally of racists, members of the KU KLUX KLAN, white supremacists, neo-nazis, and neo-confederates at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville to object to the removal of a statue of USA Confederate Civil War General, Robert E. Lee.  The City Council had taken the decision in February 2017.

On June 5, 2017, the same City Council, had voted unanimously to change the park’s name to EMANCIPATION PARK from Lee Park.  No doubt, this move by the City Council was because the USA Civil War was purely about SLAVERY, with its wanton and senseless murders of Black (African) people accompanied with tortuous, degrading and dehumanizing treatment.

The Confederate Southern States (“The South”) wanted to keep slavery intact, while the Northern Union States wanted it abolished. It appears that the renaming of the park in Charlottesville and the proposed removal of the statute from the site, was the catalyst for the 2017 racists degenerates to organize the “Unite the Right rally”.  This pitted the violent controversy between those who wanted the statute removed and those who wanted it to remain.

In 1861, according to Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, the Southern States wanted to secede from the USA with a government that was founded on the perpetuation of slavery.  He contended that his confederate government “…was founded on slavery, its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery – submission to the superior race – is his [the negro] natural condition”.

Shortly after Heyer’s death on August 12, 2017, newspapers all over the USA reported that the current Grand Dragon of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of Ku Klux Klan, with the same maternal family name as that of Louis MOORE Bacon, “MOORE”, callously stated that he was “glad” that Heather Heyer was killed.

Clearly, Grand Dragon KKK Justin MOORE took issue with Heyer having had the audacity to take a stance opposite that of the racists, white supremacists, neo-nazis and neo-confederates who wanted the statute of General Lee to remain as a reminder of what the “South” held close to its heart.

The killing of Heyer with the callous and abhorrent comments made by Justin MOORE, unfortunately reminded us of the unabashed public pronouncements made by Louis MOORE Bacon.  He had expressed racist and neo-confederate views which appeared to us to be deep-rooted.  This became quiet disturbing in light of the fact that he had recently become a resident here in The Bahamas where more than 95% of the people are of African extract.

 Louis Moore Bacon

On 17th January, 2013, in his acceptance speech (see video below and at URL: http://re-negotiate.org/2013/01/17/louis-bacon-audubon-medal-acceptance-speech/for an award given by the National Audubon Society in New York City, it was not enough that Louis MOORE Bacon unnecessarily invoked color and race in a divisive manner, he also insulted our Bahamian culture by spewing the precept of the LOST CAUSE OF THE CONFEDERACY.

Wikipedia, backed-up by the  Department Head of History of the US Military Academy at West Point, Colonel Ty Seidule (see video below), informs us that the Lost Cause of the Confederacy refers to “…a set of revisionist beliefs that describes the Confederate cause as a heroic one against great odds despite its defeat. The beliefs endorse the virtues of the antebellum South, viewing the American Civil War as an honorable struggle for the Southern way of life, while minimizing or denying the central role of slavery…. Critics of the belief system, have not only successfully argued that the Civil War was exclusively about slavery, they show that white supremacy is a key characteristic of the Lost Cause narrative, which has, in turn, ”helped to preserve [the belief in] white supremacy”.”

While the occasion for the Audubon award was already an insult to our people, Louis MOORE Bacon also PUBLICLY LIED to the National Audubon Society that he was the leader of the 1997-2004 grassroots movement that led to the creation of The Clifton Heritage National Park on the Island of New Providence Island, The Bahamas.

He also boldly warned of his determination to not allow anything that was not in sync with his personal views and philosophy to happen in his back-yard (ie. the Bay of Clifton which on its southern side, abuts the coastline of the Clifton Heritage National Park).

In 2004, with the promulgation of The Clifton Heritage Authority Act, the Whylly Plantation ruins was settled upon a statutory trust whereby it became “…an inalienable part of the national patrimony of The Bahamas to be held in trust by the Clifton Heritage Authority for the use and benefit of [our] people…”

The 208 acres of land making up the Park, is a trove of archaeological and anthropological evidence about the ancient Lucayans, the Loyalists who migrated to The Bahamas from the USA at the end of the USA Civil War and their African Slaves who came with them as well as those who had been transshipped here as chattel during the 400-year African Slave Trade.  So, the preserved living quarters and burial sites of the African Slaves are intact and served as the main motivating factor for the success of that grassroots movement.

For his transgressions at the National Audubon Society in 2013, his refusal to apologize to the Bahamian people and return the award, beginning 2013, we openly and publicly condemned Louis MOORE Bacon as being what we see him as, a racist and revisionist.

Now we openly wonder if the Justin MOORE making the callous comment on the occasion of the killing of Heyer, like Louis MOORE Bacon, has familiar connection with Lieutenant Colonel Roger MOORE, the same great grandfather of Louis MOORE Bacon who served in the 3rd North Carolina Calvary of the 41st Regiment of the Confederate Army of “the South”.  Uncannily, Lt. Col. MOORE was also a Grand Dragon of the KKK in North Carolina in his day.  In fact, he was described in letters published by his own wife, Eugenie Susan Beery MOORE, as the founder and Chief of the KKK Division in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Just like the tactic we saw coming from Louis MOORE Bacon in presenting his speech at the National Audubon Society ceremony, the large crowd of protesters in Charlottesville primarily made up of neo-confederates, neo-nazis, white supremacists and members of the KKK, showed how determined and committed they were to openly espouse the Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

We believe that this gives an added basis as to why Louis MOORE Bacon, a secretive billionaire hedge fund manager, was so adamant to be seen as the self-described “white foreign outsider” who had to come to The Bahamas to save slave ruins of our ancestors, for us.  The impression is that we could not either determine that it was in our interest to so do, and could not organize ourselves to achieve it.

Haunting photos show KKK's brutal past in wake of Charlottesville violence

We further believe that as Louis MOORE Bacon openly connects himself to the confederacy and now believed to be sympathetic to its Lost Cause philosophy, he would want to change the narrative surrounding the Whylly Plantation so that there is eventually no longer any reference to the memory and indomitable spirit of our African ancestors.

Is it not interesting that neither during or since his 2013 Audubon speech, which was riddled with racists and neo-confederate views, Louis MOORE Bacon never took the opportunity to condemn slavery and racism, nor spoke adoringly, or at all, about the African Slaves or their heritage.

Astonishingly, he made sure to hail as his HOLY BOOK, the racist tome, “GONE WITH THE WIND”, the most infamously notable neo-confederate novel that was written after the USA Civil War.  He even used neo-confederate quotes from the book to overtly state that such views set out in that book, form his personal philosophy.

Not only was Louis MOORE Bacon caught by us trying to revise our history as it related to the actual truth of our 1999-2004 grassroots movement, we exposed his familiar ties to the KKK.  This establishes a reasonable basis to believe that his articulated racist philosophy, is real.

Now, a fresh look at Louis MOORE Bacon in face of the horrors playing out in Charlottesville, highlights even closer familiar ties with the neo-confederate Lost Cause.

From the content of the Foreword of a book entitled ‘Wilmington Through the Lens of Louis T. Moore’, written about Louis Toomer MOORE, the maternal grandfather of Louis MOORE Bacon, we conclude that through the ages, the descendants of Lt. Col. MOORE were steeped in racism and hatred of Black people and were true to the Lost Cause belief system.

That book also shows that as far back as 1934, Louis MOORE Bacon’s grandfather and namesake, Louis T. MOORE, was such an important person to the neo-confederate way of life in the Southern municipality of Wilmington, North Carolina, that he was invited to, and did accept, being a special guest speaker at the annual Confederate Memorial Day celebrations held there. That event was organized by the United Daughters of the Confederacy which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a Neo-Confederate group, known to support white supremacist ideas.

Even more amazingly, we were able to confirm from the obituary of Louis MOORE Bacon’s mother, Anne Kidder MOORE Bacon, that up to her death in 1983, she was a member of a kindred organization to that of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the KKK, called the North Carolina Society of Colonial Dames.

So, we don’t think it was an unintended misstep when Louis MOORE Bacon showed his racist and neo-confederate tendencies in his acceptance speech at the Audubon ceremony.  It appears to be purposeful, intended to espouse the reprehensible views that was all around him as he was raised by his mother and maternal grandfather.  Does it not follow that Louis MOORE Bacon’s grandfather got racist views from his father and patriarch of the MOORE Clan, Lt. Col. MOORE.

Inline image 1

Alas, we think Louis MOORE Bacon might be having some success in carrying on with what appears to be his family legacy and heritage.

In fact, leading up to the 2017 General Election in The Bahamas, it was unbelievable to us to see a person marching with the “We March” political group, openly carrying a placard with a nazi swastika on it. Amazingly, his facial expressions was neither pensiveness or shameful.

If this person is anything like Fred Smith QC, the top spokesperson for Louis MOORE Bacon’s so-called “Save The Bays” organization, then we will soon begin seeing much more open demonstration by people who shamelessly stand with Louis MOORE Bacon and adopts his racist, white-supremacists, neo-nazi and neo-confederate ways.  More so, they, along with his army of lawyers will try to deliver to him or his control, the land or parts of the land of Clifton Heritage National Park or the adjoining seabed of the Bay of Clifton. Do not let them do it!

We hope that coming out of the unfortunate tragedy at Charlottesville, and understanding more about who Louis MOORE Bacon really is, Bahamians will become more alert to these types of things clandestinely trying to find their way in midst our collective.

Now awaken and aware of these despicable machinations, hopefully, Bahamians would be more vigilant in protecting our heritage and culture.  This is best achieved by adopting into our collective consciousness, the solemn and scared pledge of SAVING CLIFTON HERITAGE AGAIN that we never allow any outsider to come into The Bahamas and review or re-write our history.   We owe it not only to ourselves as a people, but in honour of the sacrifice of our African ancestors.  We must never be afraid to always tell it like it is, to friend and foe.











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