Going to The HIGHEST bidder – Affidavits at $500,000 a pop LOUIS BACON – “Corrupter of Men” plot fizzles as Michael Pintard forced to quit official Bahamas Government posts

Michael Pintard Louis Bacon

(Nassau Bahamas – 21 March 2016)   Renegotiate.Org, the public affairs and commentators advocacy went on record today asking that the chips fall where they may, and despite the resignation of Michael Pintard in The Bahamas today for “disgraceful, criminal and seditious conduct”, he be made to suffer and feel the full brunt of the law.

“Jail his ass and let’s see if Bacon’s money can protect him from the serious damage Pintard has inflicted on our country”, was one of the comments floating on social media today about Pintard’s fall from grace.

Pintard, the “blue eyed boy wonder” of Hedge Fund magnate, Louis Bacon, is now faced with what legal experts predict will be a costly battle to stay out of jail.

Today, Pintard resigned his posts in The Bahamas Senate and as National Chairman of the Official Opposition in The Bahamas, The Free National Movement.  He cited as his reasons, everything else rather than the issue which blew up in his face on Thursday 10th March, 2016, triggered by The Tribune, a daily newspaper in Nassau, which is alleged to be the “publicist for Bacon”.

The relationship between Louis Bacon and The Tribune has become incestuous as its former News Editor, Paco Nunez, now works as the media guru for Bacon’s Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay (aka “Save the Bays”), an organization originally rolled out as an environmental watchdog.  This is how and why The Tribune sunk Pintard.  It published a front page exclusive on Thursday March 10th, 2016 by which it is alleged to have knowingly and maliciously fabricate that Peter Nygard, the Canadian Fashion maestro and his Bahamas Attorney Keod Smith, were involved in a criminal plot to intimidate, harass and kill a number of “Save the Bays” officials, including Mr. Bacon.

Pintard chased out of Senate
Pintard chased out of Senate

Bahamas Attorney Keod Smith, former Progressive Liberal Party Member of Parliament in 2002-2007, and founding member of Re-negotiate.org contends that “Pintard’s criminal activity on behalf of Louis Bacon and Fred Smith QC shows that when evil-minded people connive to harm persons for no reason other than such person stand for righteousness, such intended harm instead befalls that intended evildoer.

For the past week, audio recording of Pintard and other operatives of Louis Bacon, including USA former FBI agents, captures Pintard actually leading the charge in a conspiracy with Livingstone “Toogie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma making up the false story that The Tribune published on March 10th.

In Court documents filed by billionaire Louis Bacon, his side-kick, Fred Smith QC and three other persons, Toogie and Bobo, two inner city Bahamian males, are described as being “Hit Men, gang leaders and thugs”.

Those court documents do not set out Pintard’s conspiracy or his very close ties with Louis Bacon and Fred Smith QC.

The falsity of the plot became clear when Louis Bacon and Fred Smith QC, rather than prosecuting a criminal case for intimidation and conspiracy to murder, oddly brought a civil case in the Supreme Court against Peter Nygard and Keod Smith for an injunction permanently prohibiting both Peter Nygard and Keod Smith from ever commenting on Louis Bacon or “Save the Bays”.

According to affidsvits sworn to by Toogie and Bobo, it is now known that they  were sought out by Pintard and Attorney John Bostwick, disgraced former FNM Senator who, interestingly, was forcibly removed his seat when he was charged with unlawful possession of bullets.  Pintard became Bostwick’s replacement with his appointed by FNM Opposition Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The court documents has attachments of transcripts of secretly recorded video and audio surveillance tapes of Peter Nygard sitting in a parked vehicle with Toogie and Bobo badgering him to agree with the false plot to murder, hatched directly with Pintard and indirectly with Fred Smith QC and Louis Bacon.

That conspiracy masterminded by Bacon, Fred and Pintard, involved Toogie and Bobo trying to convince Nygard to agree to conspire to kill by saying that they had carried out hits for and at the behest of Bahamas Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie and his Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Philip Brave Davis. This put the cat amongst the pigeons – both Christie and Davis came out with emphatic and stronger denials. The issue has since been picked up by the Bahamas Parliament, where Prime Minister Christie, as Minister of Finance, had recently moved for debate on the Mid-term national budget.

jail_theBayOn the audio tapes circulating on social media of the conspiracy meetings, Pintard’s very recognizable voice, is heard in negotiating with the two hit men as to what money they would get for the task that they were hired – $500,000.00 for them to sign statements and Affidavits prepared by Pintard.

Talk Radio in The Bahamas exploded as listeners expressed shock and a collective sigh at the fact that Pintard, Chairman of the FNM who until then had a somewhat decent career as a Playwright, was casually discussing payments of half-a-million-dollars to killers to create their tale of murder and mayhem.

Incensed and horrified, senior officers of the Government accused “Save the Bays” of being a political pressure group rather than the environmental advocacy it claims. Re-negotiate.org supports that contention.

It was revealed that Bacon had spent millions of dollars in print, and electronic and social media for political messaging aimed at embarrassing the Government, the Prime Minister, the Attorney General, The Minister of Foreign Affairs and The Minister of the Environment and Housing and the Deputy Prime Minister.  This was designed to overthrow the Christie administration

The persons who serve as officers of “Save the Bays” and falsely plotted and agreed to be the intended targets of the fabricated hire-for-assassinations, have all been discovered, via revelations tabled in the Parliament, are on salaries from Bacon or his agents ranging from $150k to $250k per year. The two alleged “hit men” were paid $3million to sign the statements and Affidavits implicating Nygard.

Said popular Radio Talk Show Host Rodney Moncur, “what the hell is Senator Pintard doing in the inner city recruiting two killers and doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to them.”.

The pressure hit home on Monday March 21st when Pintard capitulated to the pressure and submitted his resignations.

But the resignations will not take Pintard off the hook or slow down his criminal legal problems.

Mike Pintard New Home in Millionaires Row
Michael Pintard’s New Home in Millionaires Row

Pintard may have broken several laws in the 12 month period this exercise has run.

  1. He worked with persons identified as law enforcement officers from a foreign jurisdiction in setting up the entrapment exercise in The Bahamas. This requires specific authorization from the Minister for National Security, which was never issued.
  2. He agrees on tape to these huge sums of monies to the two “hit men” in exchange for statements and affidavits which appear to be contrived. This amounts to perjury which carries a term of imprisonment of not less than.
  3. He is identified in the Writ as being an interested person so engaged which means he knowingly was part of an action to mislead the Court.
  4. He has some explaining to do as to how these huge sums of monies to pay these men entered The Bahamas’s banking system. This might amount to money laundering.
  5. He is building a luxurious and palatial home on “Millionaires Row” over the bridge in Freeport, Grand Bahama.
  6. He may not have properly disclosed his salaries and earnings when he was required to do so as a Candidate in the 2012 General Election, in which he was defeated by the current Deputy Prime Minister.
  7. His actions in creating a story that The Bahamas “is a nation for sale’”, now calls into question his patriotism. Middle class Bahamians are wondering why he would go out on the limb to harm the country’s already fragile financial services sector.
  8. He has to disclose where he obtained the mortgage to build his new house.
  9. It is also clear that the political wing of the Official Opposition, were not fully knowledgeable that their National Chairman was engaged in subterfuge, and answers to the behest of Louis Bacon, whose agenda is paramount.
  10. He is the second FNM Senator in 12 months to have to resign because of criminal activity resign.
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