International Tabloid Dances the Louis Bacon Jig – “The Booga-lie”

Speakers Bacon Lie

WeLouis Bacon Speakers at Re-negotiate.Org are truly amazed, even professionally offended, to find big-time media houses, failing or refusing to carry out the proper fact-checks in relation to stories they are trying to write favorably about Louis Bacon, the billionaire hedge fund manager who appears to have waged war on everything Bahamian, just to get his way.  His tactics involves creating chaos, even by breaking the law, then divide and conquer – or skillfully toss in the towel, if it seems as if things were not going his way.

As fashion mogul, Peter Nygard, offers Bacon a way out through settlement, the lies that follow Louis Bacon’s tactics, trails in on the websites of the New York Post.

The New York Post takes a very bold stance in saying that there were no military speakers confiscated from Bacon’s Point House estate back in 2010 by the police as is being suggested by Court papers filed in New York by Nygard.

Wow, they must obviously have their heads stuck up into something where they can’t get any oxygen.

Court papers filed in The Bahamas, presents irrefutable proof that not only had Bacon himself, in an Open Letter published in 2013 in all of the broadsheet newspapers in The Bahamas, say that four speakers had been confiscated, the then Minister of National Security, Honourable Tommy Turnquest in a statement made on a talk show in 2010, confirmed that the speakers were sonic devises.  Louis Bacon Speaker

Those speakers, shown below on a truck about cart them away from Bacon’s Lyford Cay house back in 2010, are categorized as “ultra sonic weapons” designed to use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent.

As the speakers were returned to Bacon after the unceremonious intervention by high ranking officials of the Free National Movement Government, no charges for assault or attempted murder were leveled against Bacon for attempting to injure Nygard, his family and guests present at the Mayan-styled world renowned mansion at the time.

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