A quaint little fishing village at the close of World War II and across the rocky Burma Road, the Bahamian People endured until trade unionism was firmly established; Party politics came in 1953; and in 1962 the Women’s Suffrage movement finally won women the right to vote.

Then, Majority Rule bust through the darkened clouds to usher in a new day on January 10th 1967 as the 20-year long revolutionary trek to our Independence in 1973 united us in the belief that every Bahamian had an inherent right of full and equal political participation in our newly created State.


This is when we became self-determinative, enshrining in the Constitution of our newly created State; the fundamental human rights and freedoms advocated by the United Nations.

The common thread throughout this period and in these happenings, was that we all had a part to play in the collective governance of our Bahamas.

Regrettably, over the last 30-years, we have seen a systematic dismantling of that central plank of that universal promise and entitlement of every Bahamian to equal political participation.

During this period, the Bahamian people have been made to wait in vain for guarantees and protection in securing greater levels of ownership in the booming economy of a prosperous country built on their blood, sweat, smiles and tears. Our people are still consigned to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, while those in the official seats of government unfairly strengthen foreign interests to glean massive multi-million dollar fortunes that are repatriated.

The best of the country’s prime real estate is out of the reach of our ordinary citizens. Foreigners dictate our environmental policies. For all intents and purposes, legislation from the Bahamian Parliament seems to promote and sustain foreign interests, while the Bahamian people grapple with crime, unemployment, substandard health care and an education system designed to keep us inferior.


The major political parties seem complicit in their docility in maintaining this unjust, immoral and iniquitous state of affairs.

The time has now come for the Bahamian people, to return to the common ground from which this nation emerged, remembering that we were assured, as in fact we were required, to have equal political participation in the governance of this great little country of ours.

If we don’t OCCUPY our state of mind with this singular objective, we will find ourselves compelled to accept all of the baloney that will be thrown at us over the next few days leading up to the 2012 General Election:

– We would have settled for the crumbs of a bounteous Bahamas-based economic table
– We would be deluded by the illusions of political rhetoric, and
– We would fiercely defend the mediocrity of asinine robotic politicians.

Ours thus become a sacred and honourable duty to our unborn generations not to allow our political parties to become more and more focused on satisfying its select group of greedy plutocratic scavengers, rather than on the greater good and just betterment and advancement of all our people.


To fail to heed this call to duty is to knowingly aid and abet those who continue, not only to put our country on an economic and social destructive course, but also to give effect to destroying the peculiar but fundamental tenet of our democracy; by that, We mean the equal political participation of the Bahamian people in our governance.

We, the Bahamian people, now demand and insist on our political front-liners, whether FNM, DNA, PLP or Independent, to RE-NEGOTIATE as to what they so wrongly espouse to be our collective mantra when it comes to governance; to RE-NEGOTIATE with all of our social stakeholders that they must be seen as being altruistic in the end-result of what they say they stand for; to RE-NEGOTIATE with all foreign investors who, in mid-stride, have changed their undertakings to the Bahamian people ensuring that our recourse for non-performance or altered expectation has real teeth and is capable of preventing international raiders from taking us to the cleaners.

If we fail to RE-NEGOTIATE, then the economic and social travesties and tragedies that we have endured over the last 30-years, especially over the last 5-years, will-crush-us as a people.


So, let us stand solid as a rock as we, without paying homage to political partisanship, demand of all political parties that they commit to us a legislative agenda backed up by pragmatic implementation strategies to RE-NEGOTIATE a change in the way we govern, ensuring that we re-introduce into our national psyche,

– trust in God,
– a manifested belief of being our brother’s keeper,
– tolerance for all views, rights and persuasions under the law, and
– the common goal of prosperity unto and even for the least of our brethren.
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