Louis Bacon (left), Bianca McKinney (center) and Peter Nygard

Ex-model says she was held hostage in billionaires’ feud

A former model for Canadian clothier Peter Nygard is accusing his sworn enemy — billionaire Louis Bacon — of using her as a pawn in their long-running feud.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles state court, former model Bianca McKinney says Bacon, founder of hedge fund Moore Capital, was behind a 2011 lawsuit that had McKinney accusing Nygard of holding her hostage in the Bahamas during a modeling shoot.

But McKinney says she d idn’t authorize the lawsuit, which was dismissed six months after it was filed. And now the stunner, who is black, says her efforts to get to the bottom of the unauthorized complaint, which she says she learned about late last year, resulted in her property being vandalized with racial eptithets, swastikas and pictures of penises.

Bacon and Nygard, founder of clothing manufacturer Nygard International, neighbors in the Bahamas, have been at each others’ throats for years in a costly and ugly battle that has resulted in numerous lawsuits and some outrageous claims. Bacon’s latest lawsuit, for example, accuses Nygard of seeking to hire hitmen to take him out.

“McKinney was shocked” when she learned in late 2015 that she had sued Nygard in 2011, the lawsuit sa id.

The L.A. res ident confronted criminal defense lawyer Michael Artan, who filed the lawsuit, and he allegedly admitted he “had been working for Bacon to advance his vendetta against Nygard,” the lawsuit said.

Photo: Prov ided by McKinney’s lawyer

Artan, reached by phone, denied that he filed the 2011 lawsuit without McKinney’s knowledge, and sa id the complaint was dismissed because “she couldn’t afford to go forward.”

“It’s nonsense. She told me it was good idea by email,” Artan said.

He also denied working with Bacon, who d id not return a request for comment made through Moore Capital.

McKinney’s lawsuit also accuses Artan and Bacon, worth an estimated $1.8 billion, of vandalizing her property in an effort to intim idate her. The police report “is in error,” said McKinney’s lawyer, Michael Saltz.

After McKinney started inquiring about the lawsuit, the words “’Black N****r B***h’ and swastikas appeared on the house in front and next to where McKinney lives, and a series of penises were painted on the fence surrounding her property,” the lawsuit sa id.

An official with Devonshire division of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to The Post that McKinney filed a report of vandalism in March 2016. But the officer sa id McKinney made a report of graffiti on the sidewalk in front of her home three months after it allegedly happened.

McKinney d id not remember what the graffiti depicted but believed it had been a swastika, the report said. And since she had already painted over it with her own paint, the police were unable to confirm it.

McKinney sa id she met Artan in 2010 after one of his investigators tracked her down. He allegedly lured her by asking her to help with a lawsuit to be filed on behalf of several purported female victims of Nygard.

Saltz sa id McKinney agreed to talk because the supposed victims had worked with her on the modeling shoot with Nygard.

The 2011 lawsuit, which McKinney says is filled with falsehoods, sa id Nygard took away the former model’s passport and restricted her movements while in the Bahamas. “Plaintiff was required to escape from Nygard’s compound in the Bahamas, seek police assistance, hide from Nygard and seek consular assistance,” the now-defunct lawsuit said.

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