Bianca McKinney (“McKinney”), a 40-year old Black disabled Los Angeles woman, contends in a $4 Million lawsuit that billionaire Louis Bacon (“Bacon”) is a racist, ev idenced by what he has done to her over the last decade following on from a 4-day visit to The Bahamas in 2008.

St. Clair, Cleveland. Ohio (inner city squalor)

Although McKinney was a noted international model, choreographer and lead v ideo vixen having starred in more than 30 top-10 R&B and Hip-Hop videos, due to an injury she sustained 10 years ago, she now suffers from Syringomyelia, a malignant growth on the spinal cord that has led to nerve damage and paralysis.

Before her unlikely meteoric rise during her 20’s, McKinney had to navigate the labyrinth of the rough inner city of St. Clair in Cleveland, Ohio unscathed.

Bacon, a 62-year old founder of New York based hedge fund, Moore Capital Management, is estimated by Forbes magazine to have a net worth of $1.81 Billion.

Knowing about Bacon’s ignoble act of lying to the world about leading a grassroots movement in The Bahamas designed at saving slave ruins and heritage, McKinney contends that Bacon lacks respect for Black people, women and the disabled in the USA.  McKinney concludes that Bacon’s racist ancestry supports her contentions.

Bacon’s maternal great grandfather, Confederate Colonel Roger Moore, after the defeat of the Confederate Army in the US Civil War, founded and became the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan (“KKK”) in Wilmington, North Carolina USA.  In that capacity, Colonel Moore played a pivotal role in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898.  In that inc ident, thousands of Black people were either brutally murdered or felt compelled to leave the town overnight for fear of being killed. The Black residents of Wilmington had simply exercised their right to vote in that Black majority southern township.  A Black municipal Government had been voted in.

The result of that insurrection has earned Wilmington the disreputable notoriety of being the only place in the 242-year life of the USA, where there was a coup d’état.

Colonel Moore’s son and granddaughter, Bacon’s deceased grandfather and mother, were intricately woven in the Lost Cause of the Confederacy (“Lost Cause”) described in a post on Wikipedia as “…a set of revisionist beliefs that describes the Confederate cause as a heroic one against great odds, despite its defeat. The beliefs endorse the virtues of the antebellum South, viewing the American Civil War as an honorable struggle for the Southern way of life, while minimizing or denying the central role of slavery… Critics of the {that} belief system have argued that white supremacy is a key characteristic of the Lost Cause narrative, which has, in turn, ‘helped preserve white supremacy’.”

Bacon’s $50M Bahamas Estate (smuggler-type under house boat basin)

We confirm from the obituary of Bacon’s mother, Anne K idder Moore Bacon, that up to her death in 1983, she was a member of a kindred organization to the KKK called the North Carolina Society of Colonial Dames.

From the content of the book ‘Wilmington Through the Lens of Louis T. Moore’, about his maternal grandfather and for which Bacon wrote the Foreword, we conclude that through the ages, the descendants of KKK Colonel Roger Moore, were steeped in racism and the Lost Cause belief system.  As far back as 1934, Bacon’s namesake, Louis T. Moore, was a speaker at the annual Confederate Memorial Day celebrations that was organized by the United Daughters of the Confederacy which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a Neo-Confederate group because they are known to support white supremacist  ideas.

Despite this being a well-known fact, Bacon not only named his $34 billion hedge fund in honor of maternal ancestry, in the foreword of that 2001 book dedicated to aspects of the lost cause, Bacon states that he is happy that the blood of his maternal ancestors flows through his veins.

Based on what is set out in court documents filed by McKinney against Bacon in Case No. BC-624474 in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles USA, Bacon roped McKinney into a web of lies in his ongoing perverse attempts to get his neighbor, apparel mogul, Peter Nygard (“Nygard”), kicked out of the exclusive and luxurious gated community of Lyford Cay in The Bahamas.

McKinney alleges that in late October 2010, Bacon masterminded a plot against her through the intelligence firm called the Arkin Group, New York City, New York.

In the court documents, McKinney alleges that pursuant to their arrangement with Bacon California-based Attorney, Micheal Artan (“Artan”) and private investigator, Thomas Elfmont (“Elfmont”) of Thomas Dale And Associate, “…were to track down and solicit McKinney, with Artan to purport to act as McKinney’s attorney solely to obtain personal and conf idential information from her in the context of a confidential attorney-client relationship…[and] was to pass along to Bacon (through his agents at The Arkin Group and others) the privilege and conf idential, private and intimate personal information and details of her experiences traveling with Nygard; Artan did this willingly at the request and/or instruction of Bacon, and Bacon paid Artan and Elfmont through The Arkin Group for their participation in has scheme against McKinney.”.

In October 2010, Elfmont, a former police Chief of Los Angeles, located McKinney at her home and referred her to Artan after convincing her that her dispute with Nygard 2 years earlier, is of some help to other women who Artan was sa id to be representing in a lawsuit in which they were alleging human smuggling.  It would turn out that there was not such case or other women.

The Artan Bogus Case illegally signed & filed by Artan in 2011 without McKinney’s approval

On 5th July 2011, Artan started a law suit against Nygard in McKinney’s name without her knowing of it.  By it Artan alleged that in July 2008, when travelling to The Bahamas on a modelling contract, Nygard kept McKinney’s passport from her, restricted her movement and causing her to have to escape from the compound of Nygard’s estate in Lyford Cay, called Nygard Cay.

In an overt lie, Artan then claims that McKinney was required to escape from Nygard Cay, “…h ide from Nygard and seek [USA] consular assistance”.

McKinney not only sa id that this was not true, in 2016 she sued Artan along with Bacon in the current case.

The issue of Artan having fraudulently presented himself as McKinney’s lawyer while, admittedly working as a lawyer for Bacon, has not yet been addressed by the California Superior Court or the State Bar of California. With the Artan Bogus Case being in the system for 6-months, its content was accessible to the world and cons idered as being the truth of what, according to Artan’s misleading comment, was contended by McKinney against Nygard.

Amazingly, Artan, in December 2011, sought an order striking himself out from the case on the obscure basis that before serving the documents on Nygard, he had withdrawn the bogus case that he had fraudulently, unethically and illegally started in McKinney’s name and discontinued it (“the Artan Bogus Case”), albeit without her knowledge.

The Artan Bogus Case was withdrawn by him 6 months later in December 2011, again without McKinney’s knowledge.

In fact, McKinney alleges that she d id not even learn of the existence of the Artan Bogus Case until in late 2015 when another private investigator found her while she was still recovering from surgery on her spine and learning how to walk all over again.  That investigator called herself Sara Ness of the San Francisco-based private investigation firm of Palladino & Sutherland, the same investigation firm that is said to have been hired to discredit and intimidate women accusers of Bill Clinton in his 1992 presidential campaign for sexual misconduct, and accusers of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in his 2018 arrest and charge for various sex-crimes including rape.

By the current court documents, McKinney alleges that “…at lunch Ness plied McKinney with large quantities of alcohol and unlawfully gave her the prescription medication Adderall – a stimulant which, when combined with alcohol, diminishes a person’s ability to distinguish if she has had too much to drink – in an effort to obtain a false statement from McKinney against Nygard.  Ness acting on behalf of Bacon and Palladino & Sutherland, also informed McKinney that she was aware that Artan had been working for Bacon in 2011 to advance [Bacon’s] interests.”.  McKinney states that she refused to ingest drugs offered.

Jestan Sands

McKinney also alleged that Ness offered her a bribe to fabricate what had been stated in the Artan Bogus Case, but that she out-rightly rejected that offer.

The same lie set out in the Artan Bogus Case, found its way in a March 2017 internet posting of a booklet, published by or at the instance of Jestan Sands (“Sands”), then a 38-year old citizen of The Bahamas, Manager of Nygard Cay and of effeminate disposition, found at URL entitled “Uncensored Peter Nygard King of the Sex Slave Trade in The Bahamas”.  It was also reposted and promoted on WhatsApp social media in May 2018.

McKinney says that her attention was particularly drawn to the heading of “SEX TRAFFICKING, K idNAPPING AND PROSTITUTION” under which Sands published criminally defamatory words which suggested that, among other things, she was a gullible and stupid airhead, prostitute, pimp, criminal, fraudster, lawbreaker and procurer of corrupt behavior among law enforcement personnel in The Bahamas and the USA, particularly with immigration officials in both countries with whom she is said to have sufficient sway to be admitted entry without a passport or other proper and legal documentation.

In light of what was set out in the Artan Bogus Case, McKinney contends that what was published by Sands was clearly intended to refer to her and to reflect Artan’s lies.  This has led McKinney to the conclusion that Sands is working for or with Bacon to put out lies about Nygard and would drag her into that effort by Bacon and make up a story to support the lie.

Further, McKinney contends that Sands’ reference to her having to be “rescued” and that her passport was kept by Nygard away from her, suggests that she was being illegally detained by him.  However, on the night in question, 4th July 2008, Bahamian police had taken note of the fact that McKinney sought their assistance in relation to a contractual dispute over her modelling fees.  That led to a verbal argument with Sands who had told her, without authority to so do, that she was not entitled to get pa id for modeling work she had done or was expected to do.  He had told her that she should be happy to have stayed at Nygard Cay and fly in Nygard’s plane.

That’s when the argument became physical between the two of them.  As Manager and controller of the gate whose ego was bruised by McKinney’s defiance, Sands dec ided on his own not to open the gate for McKinney to leave before the police had arrived.  He had called for them to escort her off the premises.

Underground hip hop artist respected by hip hop’s elite

When the police got there, she requested their assistance to keep Sands away from her and to ensure that she was pa id.

As per the request of Sands, McKinney was escorted off the premises and dropped off in the downtown vicinity of New Prov idence Island, Bahamas, after placing a complaint with respect to her unpaid professional fees.  Contradictory to what Artan and Sands has said, she had her passport in her possession at all times. In fact, while she was a guest at Nygard Cay, her valuables, including her passport was secured in a safe in the room where she stayed.

Louis Bacon

McKinney was informed by the police that they had spoken with Mr. Nygard who had confirmed that Sands had called the police for her to be escorted off premises because of her behavior.  Nygard not only undertook to the Police to fully pay her out on her contract, although it had not yet been completed, but to also pay her way back to Los Angeles, California USA.

McKinney is doubling her effort in the USA case by exploring her options to bring action against Bacon and Sands in The Bahamas for what McKinney says is criminally defamatory and amounts to conspiracy along with others of harassment, intim idation and assault and attempts of assault and personal injury.  After all, the kinds of attack that she has been enduring at the hands of a billionaire like Bacon and his cohorts, including his incessant stalking of McKinney, has led to her being diagnosed as having anxiety disorder which has now manifested itself in physical impairment that can render her completely paralyzed, if not kept in check medically.

Although, Bacon’s tactics has had McKinney in total fear about her safety and well-being, especially after being warned by Artan that Bacon had had certain criminal charges against him in The Bahamas and that police had found a man mysteriously dead in Bacon’s pool whose remains were illegally cremated, she has now dec ided to fight the fear and not allow herself to become a victim on the basis of lies, even at the hands of a bully billionaire.

So effective was Bacon tactics, that McKinney was placed in a protection program by the Secretary of State of California who believed that because of the facts of her story, as filed in the Court, she could be in danger.  She was.

McKinney hospitalized in 2009 following spinal surgery

McKinney says that she will fight the initial debilitating fear that Bacon had been successful in exacting on her by fighting him in court while telling her story publicly.  This, she hopes, will expose him for what he is, a white supremacist and neo-confederate racist.  McKinney cons iders this to be an innate evil that allows Bacon’s misogynistic mindset to compel him to cowardly attack a disabled person who is both Black and female.

McKinney maintains that she has unquestionably discovered that Bacon had been trying to intim idate her to keep her from exposing a scam and a plot hatched by him against his neighbor in The Bahamas, Peter Nygard because he demonstrates love, affection and respect toward Black people.  She considers herself as being treated a pawn by Bacon.

As a part of this therapeutic endeavor, McKinney, who had suppressed her hip-hop artistry for the sake of her modeling career and where it was taking her, is currently working on the release of her hip-hop rap single, “St. Clair Bae”, that (in part), tells her story throughout the years and her challenge against a bully billionaire with KKK heritage.  In keeping with the hip-hop culture, McKinney is expected to ‘diss’ Bacon, a process that is akin to European medieval knights challenging each other when they would “throw down the gauntlet”.

McKinney intends to fight against Bacon who she sees as throwing his wealth around, exhibiting that he does not care about who she is and what she has going on in her life by way of her health, family and her St. Clair urban Afro-American heritage.  She says that she intends to call upon her people, especially Black disabled women to stand with her, even against those who demonstrate a disregard and disrespect of people because of these attributes.  She wants the world to know that even when the odds are against them, they must never fold in the face of fear, elaborate lies and schemes from anyone, even billionaire bullies like Bacon.

In the meantime, McKinney was forced to prepared herself to use lethal force if the scammers who had sought her out in the beginning, ever came back to carry out what to her was a conspiracy to harass, intim idate, assault and grievously harm.

McKinney has demanded a jury trial despite Bacon, with his army of lawyers, made an attempt to strike out her case.  After failing in that, he tried in vain to entice her into mitigation which would have had the effect of silencing her. McKinney wants her day in court, which is now fixed for late February 2019.

McKinney portrays readiness in her 2018 pose to fight the fear she says was thrust upon her by Bacon






Source: louis moore bacon the facts of the matter show contempt connivance and criminal behaviour

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Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to m id 2006.

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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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