Breaking the law with impunity and flaunting their illegality and criminal conduct in front of the Government of The Bahamas, the Commissioner of Police and the Judiciary, is the trademark and agenda of Louis Bacon, his mouth piece, Fred Smith QC, and their treasonous masquerade, Save The Bays (“STB”).

Louis Bacon’s and Fred Smith’s latest breach and disregard of the law is a collage of photographs which they claim in a press story last Friday posted on website of under the headline “STB: Nygard defies Supreme Court once again” found atård_defies_Supreme_Court_once_again50877.shtml, as having been taken of Nygård Cay sometime right after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, 2 weeks ago.  Clearly, their photographer would not only have been trespassing on Nygård’s property, but engaged in a brazen invasion of Nygård’s privacy.

This double standard is reprehensible and must be seen for what it is, duplicitous.

The tone and timing of this posted story represents Louis’ latest faux pas in the eyes of the Bahamian people.  It evidences STB as being a socially and morally corrupt organization that ran to the Court in July 2016 claiming that their privacy was breach when members of parliament, from the floor of Parliament, exposed it as being criminal and treasonous.

They showed emails of Zachary Bacon (brother of Louis Bacon) and others of STB, including Fred Smith and his law firm, Calendar’s & Co., evidencing criminal activities including money-laundering by Louis Bacon’s STB, his Moore Charitable Foundation out of New York and Fred Smith, aimed at distablizing the Government of The Bahamas for personal gain.

What is most disturbing about this latest tactic by Louis Bacon and Fred Smith in attempting to use the aftermath of the Hurricane to attack Nygård, is the wanton insensitivity shown by their bad timing and overt manipulation.

This selfish and illegal act was being done while the entire Bahamas was reeling and rocking from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew which tore through the Island of New Providence less than a week before their publication.  The category 4 Hurricane left in its wake, damage that is conservatively estimated by the Bahamas Government to be more than $600 million dollars. has learnt that like many other Bahamians throughout the southern and southwestern coastline of New Providence Island, Peter Nygård’s premises of Nygård Cay had suffered immeasurable damages because of Hurricane Matthew.  In fact, the southwestern point of the island of New Providence was under the first direct blast and bombast from the hurricane’s vicious path when it hit the island.

Directly on the water, Nygård Cay was deluged with surf sea weed sand and debris from the ocean. More than 40 trees on the property snapped or were otherwise destroyed under the relentless pounding of Hurricane Matthew.

Noted Attorney Keod Smith, who is also an avid and veteran environmentalist, also an Attorney for Mr. Nygård said “it is unthinkable that these jackasses would use the wrath of the Hurricane Matthew to try to capitalize on the economic and structural damages done to Nygård Cay following the Hurricane.”.

Keod Smith, who also served as Chairman of the Bahamas Environment Science and Technology Commission between 2002-2007 and our country’s Ambassador for The Environment for those years, goes on to say, “I am especially disappointed that Fred Smith, a senior lawyer in The Bahamas, who claims to be Bahamian and a human rights activist, would not know that it is tasteless and unacceptable to try to take a cheap-shot amidst human suffering following an act of God as devastating as Hurricane Matthew was.  Fred and his insensitive plutocratic leader, Louis Bacon, must have known that all over this country, there is ongoing massive cleanup and restorative efforts post Hurricane Matthew.  Peter Nygård, who weathered the storm on this island with Bahamians, is entitled to restore his home following the hurricane just like every other property owner in this country.  Yes, even Louis Bacon who built an illegal smuggler-type boat basin underneath his house next to Mr. Nygård’s house, is entitled to restore his home following any hurricane.”.

Keod Smith then retorted saying “But you have this social media site, Bahamas Weekly, clearly a tool of Save The Bays, publishing these illegally obtained photographs, with motor-mouth Fred Smith on full throttle being quoted in their article in a frame designed to make it appear that Mr. Nygård has defied an Order of the Supreme Court.  Fred knows that it is not true”.

“The tragedy of Fred and Bacon’s behavior, and the malice they intend to inflict, can best be explained by the fact that nowhere in the posted article is there any mentioned that Hurricane Matthew had just passed through this island.  This is overtly misleading, to say the least”, Keod Smith continued. has also learnt that a complaint is being made to the Police by Mr. Nygård that the photographs used in the Bahamas Weekly post and referred to by Fred Smith so intimately, could only have been taken by a trespasser on Nygård Cay.  A criminal investigation is expected.

Thousands of Bahamians will recall that it had come to light in December 2010 on the floor of the Bahamas Senate that Louis Bacon had built a smuggler-type illegal marina underneath his Lyford Cay house by excavating tons and tons of earth and the seabed without a permit having been issued under the Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of The Bahamas Act,1997. The then Leader of the PLP in Opposition in the Senate, Alison Maynard-Gibson, rebuked the FNM Government for purportedly backdating a permit and not prosecuting Louis Bacon under Bahamian law which regards his act as a criminal imprisonable offence. think it is now time for the validity of that so-called “backdated permit” to be legally tested.  We believe that an overt criminal act done by a person like Bacon, who, per the facts, knew or ought reasonably to have known that his acts were criminal, cannot be legitimized by the illegal subsequent action of a Government bureaucrat.  Afterall, this is exactly what Louis Bacon, Fred Smith and Save The Bays is saying about Peter Nygård and the enlargement of the beach at Nygård Cay although Nygård has presented ample evidence to show that he always had the requisite permits and undertakings from The Government of the day.  Bacon clearly did not have any, at all in relation to smuggler-type boast basin.

At, we believe that Minister Maynard-Gibson, as the Attorney General of The Bahamas, is now not only in the position to criminally prosecute Louis Bacon for his criminal act back in the mid-1990’s, but is obligated to send a message to him that crime in The Bahamas, even billionaire hedge-fund managers, will land you in jail.  Indeed, inner city Bahamian folks suffer such fate everyday, without a break.

Concerned citizens have also come forward to voice their opinion and objection to the Bahamas Weekly internet posting.

A construction worker expressed his disgust and suspicion that Louis Bacon, Fred Smith and Save The Bays, perceived enemies of the State, could do so much nasty, evil and illegal things in our country and the Perry Christie PLP Administration does not seem to be interested in bringing them to justice.

At, we are seriously reviewing the situation to understand why…

Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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