Louis Moore Bacon, the reprehensible 2017 highfalutin racist descendant of a KKK Grand Wizard come hedge fund billionaire from his southerner inheritance, was caught right in the m iddle of trying to criminally mislead Bahamas Government officials as they closed-in on him on Tuesday, 7th March, 2017.

After being caught red-handed breaking our environmental laws by his sanctioned activities of his foreign property manager, Ian Levy, Louis Bacon was also found trying to cover-up his commission of crimes against our pristine environment which can, and are likely to land him in jail under the provisions of the Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of The Bahamas Act, 1997 (“CPPLB Act”).

Based on hard ev idence, we can say that Louis Bacon has criminally pile-driven what appears to be more than 2 dozen poles into the seabed of Clifton Bay without the requisite statutory approvals, permits and observation of the regulatory processes that he and his fraudulent organization Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay (aka “Save The Bays”) have been advocating for since 2013.

Unlike when he and his minion, Ian Levy, lied about the facts surrounding the suspicious death and questionable disposal of the body of his last property manager (Dan Tuckfield) who was found dead in the pool of Louis Bacon’s Lyford Cay house and estate (The Point House), these current environmental criminal acts of Louis Bacon (through his agents) including dredging and pile-driving into the sea-bed in Clifton Bay, were caught on surveillance cameras (see URL https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0G_HcAu5NHgd1ZlY01RVkpaa0k AND v ideo clips below).  Back in 2010, Louis Bacon was also exposed on the floor of the Bahamas Senate as having lied about him illegally building a drug smuggler-type boat basin underneath his very same Lyford Cay house.

Sadly, the damage to the environment at the hands of Louis Bacon’s 2017 despicable hypocritical shenanigans, is now irreversible!!  Worse, Bahamians must endure this double-standard simply because Louis Bacon shamelessly spreads his millions among the shameless so-called Bahamians (like Fred Smith QC) who are prepared to sell-out this country for criminally laundered pieces of silver (more than $8 Million worth according to statements from floor of Parliament).fraud

How is it that Louis Moore Bacon, again at the tail-end of the PLP in Government, could illegally and criminally pile-drive what is believed to be more than 2 dozen poles deep into the seabed of Clifton Bay without even a citation being issued against him by the Government, requiring him to remove each and every pole?

During the week of 6th March, 2017, the significant invasion of siltation of Clifton Bay with tons of sand and sea sediments (milky whiteness on sea surface in photo above) that was caused by Louis Bacon, could be easily seen for miles.  He disrespects our Black nation so much, that he d id not even try to fake it with the use silt-curtains, designed as a protective mitigating process for the benefit of saving sea creatures and delicate reefs.  Government environment agencies (particularly the BEST Commission) normally, as a condition to approving the issue of permits for such dredging/pile-driving activities, require the use of silt curtains.  Damage from the pounding associated with Louis Bacon’s pile-driving into the seabed, although quantitatively unknown at the time of publication, is believed to be significant.

Just like his Save The Bays organization, Louis Bacon is an ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION FRAUDSTER & CRIMINAL.

Under the CPPLB Act, Bahamian law enforcement authorities can and should now jail Louis Bacon, as well as force him to remove all of the poles he was red-handedly caught illegally and criminally pile-driving into the seabed of our environmentally delicate Clifton Bay.


Unlike Louis Bacon, Saving Clifton Heritage Again don’t have to fabricate about him criminally breaking the law and then try to cover it up by throwing millions of dollars at it through abuse of court tactics and instituting an elaborate “…pattern of racketeering…” (see USA Court documents against Bacon’s Agents) in order to make lies look like the truth.

We tell it truthfully and like it is AND let the chips fall wherever they may.







Source: louis moore bacon the facts of the matter show contempt connivance and criminal behaviour


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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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