MODUS OPERANDI OF LOUIS BACON – Do the Illegal Criminal Act of Dredging and Pile-driving the Seabed of Clifton Bay without a duly issued Permit knowing that Restoration is Impossible “after-the-fact” and Government does not have the BALLS to try to jail him.


Just as he illegally d id in 2006 when he constructed a smuggler-type boat basin underneath his $20 Million fortress in Lyford Cay, hedge fund billionaire, Louis Moore Bacon was caught red-handed this past weekend breaking the law. He has a dredging barge moored just off of the coast to his Lyford Cay estate, dredging the seabed of Clifton Bay as well as driving piles deep into it for an unknown purpose.


Res idents of Lyford Cay and Bahamian visitors to Clifton Bay are perplexed as to how the significant disruption to the surrounding ecology could be done without them even having been given advanced notice of it,or the opportunity to weigh-in and possibly object to any permit being granted to or for the benefit of Louis Bacon.


Under the 1997 Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of The Bahamas Act, as what Louis Bacon is currently doing or causing to be done to the seabed, is actually being done without a permit having first been issued, he has once again, committed a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment.


Additionally, based on what Louis Bacon has been recently arguing before the Courts in The Bahamas, all neighboring property owners are entitled to formal notification of such intended activity andbe prov ided with an independent scientifically produced environmental impact assessment showing the impact by the intended disturbance of the physical environment.


Based on what Louis Bacon, both of his companies (The Point House Corporation and The Rock LLC)in which his Lyford Cay property is vested, and his fake environmental organization (Save The Bays) have contended in court documents, one is left to conclude that the marine environment of Clifton Bay is so fragile that the pounding and vibrations brought on byhis driving piles deep into the seabed, have significant negative impact to sea creatures and the surrounding ecology, for miles.


Matters become even more amazing when one takes into cons ideration that Louis Bacon’s Save The Bays had been complaining that before any kind of dredging or pile-driving permit is to be issued, the government must first conduct public consultation.  There has been no consultation in respect of either Bacon’s 2006 illegally constructed smuggler-type boat basin, or the current illegal dredging and pile-driving activities in Clifton Bay.


Reports have come to us that although a “stop order” had been issued this past weekend (4 March 2017) by the responsible government agency and served on Louis Bacon and/or his agents or servants carrying out the illegal acts, the dredging and pile-driving continues, unabated.The police has been called.


As The Bahamas prepares for the 2017 General Election, voters are tuned-in to this matter to see if the Christie Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Administration is prepared to act against Louis Bacon, his agents and servants for their wanton disrespect and disregard for the law.


Louis Moore Bacon, the maternal great-grandson of a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, shows that as the black pot who dares to call the kettle black, he gets away with criminal behaviour every time.




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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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