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Fred Smith QC (Criminally liable – built on Smith’s Point seabed without permit)

As a result of a recent article about hired gun and mouth piece of Louis Moore Bacon, verbose Attorney Fred Smith QC (“Fred”) being brought to justice, we saw the need as a result of the comments of some of the more than 8,900 facebook hits at https://www.facebook.com/KeodSaveCliftonAgain/ that we had of that posted article, to say: THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Facebook_Banner-01-1 Louis Moore Bacon, the quintessential ugly American, sought out, appointed and anointed Fred to lead and carry out his dirty plot against the Government and people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in his nefarious and unwarranted attack on Canadian philanthropist and fashion mogul, Peter Nygård. Criminal-like shot of Bacon

These easily verifiable facts are borne out by detailed research and meticulous examination by the Re-Negotiate.Org team in our pursuit to uncover and expose who the real Louis Moore Bacon is.  In so doing, we highlight the rot, double standards, dishonesty and corrupt mindset which emanates from his alter ego, Save The Bays and chief minion, Fred.

In canvassing scores of persons in the USA, Haiti, London and in our own Bahamas, Re-Negotiate.Org discovered by July 2010, after USA Pres ident Obama watered down that country’s

Julian Rifat (Bacon’s employee – Jailed)

Freedom of Information Act in passing the Dodd-Frank legislation in response to the Wall Street financial crisis that financially devastated millions of people around the world including the USA and The Bahamas, the doorway had been opened to criminally nab Bacon’s multi-billion hedge fund, Moore Capital Management Fund LLC. That resulted in criminal fines being levied against Bacon’s company totaling more than $120 Million within a short period, heavy restrictions on its ability to trade, jail sentences meted for its key operatives close to Bacon and ongoing criminal investigations on Bacon and his company by the USA Justice Department.

By 2012, it was w idely reported in the financial world that Bacon’s hedge fund had suffered severely in the markets which, along with the negative publicity associated with those criminal fines and restrictions levied on his company, raised questions about his management and led to him losing some of his top executives and traders.

Excerpts of the website of The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission showing Bacon’s company was criminally fined (April 29, 2010 and July 25, 2011)

It is believed that because the Dodd-Frank legislation required large hedge funds like Bacon’s to register with the USA’s Securities & Exchange Commission and prov ide details about their risk management, trading, and disciplinary records, Bacon has run to the unsuspecting Bahamas in his effort to transform his company into what’s known as a “family office”.  It is reported that Bacon considers the new disclosures required by the Dodd-Frank Act and watering down of the USA’s Freedom of Information Act, to be “a problem”, the requirement of which he does not wish to comply.

As a skillful hedge fund manager who knows how to use legislative tools like the USA-based Freedom of Information Act, Bacon is likely to have anticipated that USA dragnet years before it descended upon him.

Environment1 It was in 2005-2006 and without any of the requisite permits having been issued by the relevant authorities, the process being governed by the Bahamas Environment Science & Technology (BEST) Commission then chaired by Re-negotiate’s Keod Smith, Bacon built a smuggler-type boat basin in his yard and underneath his so-called Point House in Lyford Cay at the southwestern tip of the Island of New Prov idence, The Bahamas.  Loading and off-loading cargo of any kind, even contraband, as well as the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, even illegal immigrants, could be done out of the sight of neighbors as well as law enforcement conducting surveillance.  This is the reason why such type structures were generally not permitted under the BEST Commission during those years.

nygard Cay
Picturesque Mayan-Themed Nygård Cay

The problem that Bacon would encounter with the use of this type of clandestine and illegal mooring, relates to the location of where it is, sharing a boundary with Nygård’s 100,000 square foot Mayan-themed mansion at the most western tip of Lyford Cay.

On the beach of his 5-acre sprawl, Nygård hosts hundreds of ordinary Bahamians including inner city children, church groups and even the Bahamas Olympic Beach Volleyball Team at night-time when strange goings-on trafficking in and out of Bacon’s smuggler-type boat basin which have been witnessed by Nygård’s guests and staff.

Why, one would ask, d id Bacon reportedly overpay millions of unreported dollars for the shares in the Panamanian company called Point House Corporation that owns the Point House.  Then on top of that, in July 2005, he paid $20 Million for the adjoining property to the east of Point House, the title of which, in December 2007, was transferred into a USA Delaware company called The Rocks Holdings LLC. Nygård contends publicly that Bacon or his surrogates had offered him $100 Million for his Nygård Cay property, to which he refused in favour of living on what he described as the most beautiful spot on earth.

Could the answer for the exorbitant sums be connected to the belief that, like the figurative boll weevil, Bacon was looking for a home from which he could continue with his financial trading unabated?  The problem with that is that it would amount to him and his hedge fund associates wreaking havoc on the financial systems of the world with impunity from within The Bahamas.  It is well-accepted that the regulatory framework in The Bahamas, not being as stringent as that of the USA, UK or Southeast Asia which are more in tuned with spotting the kind of criminal behaviour in respect of which Bacon’s associates, through his company, have already been convicted and imprisoned.

Keod Smith Clifton (2000)
Save Clifton grassroots campaign leader Keod Smith in 2000 (atop speakers)

If he could have enticed Nygård to sell to him Nygård Cay, he would have owned coastal properties on the Lyford Cay s ide of Clifton Bay by which he would have controlled more than 2,500 feet of coastline.  What would that have meant?

 Louis Moore Bacon
Louis Moore Bacon in 2013 at the National Audubon Society Award ceremony in New York City

The answer is found in January 2013 when Bacon initiated his failed effort to rope into his conspiracy to take over the Government of The Bahamas or have significant influence on it.  Bacon tried to achieve this by inviting the current Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Prime Minister, Perry Christie, to attend an Award Ceremony of the USA-based National Audubon Society which was honoring Bacon for his claim that he had led the grassroots campaign ultimately leading to the formation of the Clifton National Heritage Park.  [insert shot of Bacon at Audubon]  The problem with this is that he had lied.  That campaign, between 1999-2004 when the legislation forming the park was actually led by Renegotiate. Org’s Keod Smith, 2002-2007 PLP Member of Parliament for the Mount Moriah Constituency.

In the end, that purely political effort led by Keod resulted in the people of The Bahamas forcing the Hubert Ingraham Free National Movement (FNM) administration to stop with its push to allowing the 204 acres of land (Clifton National Heritage Park) with a trove of archaeological and anthropological ev idence of our Lucayan, African and Loyalist ancestors, to be developed into a gated community for the rich and famous.

Keod Smith Re-Negotiate
Passageway at Clifton through which African slaves entered Nassau, The Bahamas

Keod has since gone on public record as saying that people who presented themselves as surrogates for Bacon had offered him millions of dollars to endorse ownership of that land being turned over to Bacon.  Keod turned the offer down and only learned who those persons really were after he had begun his successful legal representation of Nygård against Bacon in relation to Bacon’s unlawful attempt to extinguish the easement roadway to Nygård’s house. SavingCliftonAgain

From the content of the publication of two open letters by Bacon [insert letters heading as appearing in newspapers] in mainstream broadsheet newspapers, Bacon confirms that he wanted to buy the 204 acres of land making up the Clifton National Heritage Park and then gift it back to the Bahamian people.

This is when Keod says that he started the campaign of “Saving Clifton Heritage Again”, as he saw an ongoing play being made by Bacon to get the land of the Clifton National Heritage Park.  Keod’s 2013 campaign was designed to expose Bacon as wanting to own the land of the Clifton National Heritage Park or its coastline.  To Keod, it became clear that Bacon wanted the legal title of the land of the Clifton National Heritage Park to be passed through his hands so that he could shamelessly siphon those parts of it containing more than two miles of its pristine beaches and majestic coastline.

If Bacon could get the Clifton property and coastline, then, along with Bacon’s Point House property and Nygård’s Nygård Cay, Bacon would have then owned and controll all of the coastal property on either s ide of the mouth of Clifton Bay.  This means that with his smuggler-type boat basin at Point House and the cover of pitch-black darkness at night-time in Clifton Bay, anything or anyone could be brought in or out of the island out of sight of law enforcement.

Earl Deveaux
Dr. Earl Deveaux – Former FNM Cabinet Minister (Environment)

As is ev ident by his $20 Million estate purchase in 2005, Bacon hired Attorney Pericles Maillis as his land expert and self-proclaimed environmental conservationist.  His childhood friend, Dr. Earl Deveaux, was at that time well-placed as a cabinet Minister in the Hubert Ingraham FNM administration.

Pericles Maillis
Pericles Maillis – 1983 Commission of Inquiry found him to be associated with drug smuggler Frank Barber of Gorda Cay, Abaco

Maillis’ engagement, however, was the beginning of questionable characters hired by Bacon to make up his treasonous army to take over the Government of The Bahamas or to have his claws of influence sunk deep into our system so that he could achieve whatever he wanted through the misuse and manipulation.

In the 1985 parliamentary debate on the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Trafficking of Drugs through the Bahamas, Maillis and his father was named as having a “ classic association” with Frank Barber, then a known drug smuggler who had operated out of Gorda Cay in the Abacos.  The Commissioners d id not believe Maillis when he said that he was not aware of Barber’s illegal activities.

Back then, Maillis was charged on the floor of Parliament as having “an integral part” in the international conspiracy to exact “cold, calculated and deliberate lies” on then Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling which led to the infamous NBC report of 5th September, 1983.

Those lies were sa id in the Parliament to have been made up simply because Maillis could not get the PLP Pindling administration to allow him to get special treatment from Government Ministers for his second cousin, Thomas Maillis, also said on the floor of Parliament, to be a “criminal and a drug smuggler”.

The danger of the existence of a smuggler-type boat basin like Bacon’s was amplified in the May 2010 sudden death of his live-in property manager, Dan Tuckfield,  who was found dead in a pool in Bacon’s Point House.  The factual matrix surrounding Tuckfield’s death is detailedly set out in Court documents in an action in which Bacon is suing veteran broadcaster, Sherman Brown for writing about these issues.

Although Tuckfield’s death it was reported as a drowning necessitating an investigation by the police, according to the court documents, the death and surrounding facts, remain open.

In fact, court documents show that with direct involvement of Bacon’s overall representative in The Bahamas, Ian Levy, Tuckfield’s body was unlawfully cremated as Levy fabricated the identity of the person whom he presented as being the next of kin of Tuckfield and entitled to authorize the cremation.   With that, the physical evidence that could lead to a better understanding of whether Tuckfield’s death was a homicide, would have been destroyed with at least knowledge imputed to Bacon.

The unanswered Amended Defence and Counterclaim of Sherman Brown, shows that Tuckfield actually lived in Bacon’s Point House and presented himself as a Bahamian citizen although he was not, there not being any ev idence in the Bahamas Department of Immigration that he was.  In fact, we can say that Tuckfield was a citizen of the USA who had actually been convicted in the USA in 1986 of trafficking of cocaine.

Dan Tuckfield
Dan Tuckfield – Found dead in pool of Bacon’s Point House where he lived and worked for Bacon (USA convicted in 1986 of trafficking cocaine)

With Bacon being the benefactor and employer of Tuckfield, a convicted felon in the USA, he was seen on numerous occasions running Bacon’s go-fast speed boat in and out of Bacon’s smuggler-type boat basin.  Tuckfield was even able to get gun licenses in The Bahamas with his registered address being that of Bacon’s Point House.  The Commissioner of Police confirmed the existence of gun licences in 2010-2011 when it was brought to his attention by members of the press in a press conference related a ra id on Bacon’s Point House.

What is amazing is that neither Tuckfield nor Bacon had been arrested with witnesses playing volleyball on the beach of Nygård Cay reporting to having seen suspicious boats moving in and out of Bacon’s smuggler-type boat basin all through the night on which it was believed Tuckfield met his demised.

In December 2010, ev idence had been presented in the Honourable Senate of The Bahamas by Senator Allyson Gibson (now Attorney General of The Bahamas), whereby she exposed the fact that Bacon had built the smuggler-type boat basin illegally.  The FNM Minister responsible, Minister Dion Foulkes, in collusion with Bacon’s cohorts, admitted on the floor of the Senate that he purportedly gave Bacon a permit “…after the fact”.

We say that this is not possible legally.  An act thatEnvironment-1 amounts to a crime when it is taken, cannot be unmade a crime at some subsequent point.

Why has Senator Allyson Gibson, the current Attorney General, not yet leveled charges against Bacon for having committed a criminal offence under the provisions of Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of The Bahamas Act, 1997.  In fact, the construction of the smuggler-type boat basin infringed on the seabed which required the express permission of then Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham.

Just like in the case of Fred building on the seabed at Smith’s Point, Grand Bahama, current Prime Minister Perry Christie has the statutory power and obligation to cause any and all structures without permits to be moved with all associated costs being pa id by those who have been found to have transgressed.  We anticipate action will be taken before the next General Election.

By the time the smuggler-type illegal boat basin had been built by Bacon who had already presented himself as a serial litigator around the world, Bacon had hired the local law firm of Graham Thompson to ensure that The Bahamas and Bahamians would be no exception to his legions of Attorneys attacking everything and everyone who sought to expose him.

Graham Thompson is the law firm where former Chief Justice, Sir Michael Barnett had served as top litigator until 2008 when he took up an appointment to The Bahamas Senate and as Attorney General under the Hubert Ingraham Free National Movement administration.  Unbelievably, a year later, then Sir Michael, was moved from the top political legal post and appointed Chief Justice of The Bahamas, the top judiciary post – uhhmmm!

Bacon’s local legal army was topped off with the recruitment of Fred to act as the frontline mercenary.  It so happens that Attorney Robert Adams, the point man for Bacon in the absence of Sir Michael, had served as a pupil and junior attorney to Fred at Callanders & Co law firm in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Indeed, Adams would have known about Fred’s venomous assault on the shoreline of Smith’s Point in East Grand Bahama and that he had environmentally plundered the coastline of this once picturesque historical community with his conceited and self-serving groynes to control the t ide, coastline and sand flow at Smith’s Point so as to create a beach for Smith’s palatial compound.

May 2016 More than 3 feet of Sand and Sediment Eroded as a result of Fred’s Illegally built Groyne at Smith’s Point, Grand Bahama

At the beginning of this summer, the PLP Christie Administration announced their intention to build a seawall along a portion of the coastline onto which Smith’s Point Settlement faces.  Although the objective is to prevent any further erosion of that portion where hundreds of people currently live and make a living, there seem not to have been any consultation with them or provision of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to show how Fred’s unlawful action contributed to the existing erosion problem or if the construction and existence of it could exacerbate the problem.

It is left open to all and sundry that among other things, Bacon chose Fred for the fact that steps of what Fred had illegally done at Smith’s Point and seemingly gotten away with, would be of significant benefit to helping Bacon get away with the construction of the smuggler-type boat basis underneath his Point House, illegally built on the seabed without permits having been issued prior to the work being started.

One thing that is clear is that Fred Smith left no doubt that he was prepared to be the wrecking ball against the Government and people of The Bahamas.  As such, therefore, he required little or no motivation to sign up for duty with Louis Bacon and his villainous continued plot to harm and do irreparable damage to our Bahamian people, our Country’s international reputation simply because of our professional or private association with Nygård, an undeniable friend of countless ordinary Bahamians.

Like Bacon’s, Fred’s living fortress is impregnable.  To show his further contempt for his local neighbours at Smith’s Point Settlement, Fred imported two vicious dogs from the mixed-breed of which is a hybr id of the canine species used to track down and hunt Africans for sport during the brutal and barbaric days of Apartheid in South Africa.  Fred is said to have threatened the people of Smith’s Point Settlement to sic the dogs on them if they even walked along the beach and over the groyne that blocks off the beach.LMB_Famity

Bacon too, had made it no secret how he feels about persons of the African race.  In 2013, he proudly declared himself to be a proud Southerner whose “Holy Book” is the racist tome, “Gone with the Wind” which glorified and decried the emancipation of African slaves in the Jim Crow southern states of the USA.

Colonel Roger Moore of the 3rd North Carolina Calvary of the 41st Regiment of the Confederate Army of “the South”

We are convinced that Bacon’s genealogical heritage back to his maternal great grandfather, Colonel Roger Moore has had some influence on his racist comments and behavior toward our people, 99% of whom are of African extract.  Colonel Moore was the founder and chief of the division of the Ku Klux Klan there in Wilmington, North Carolina USA right after that country’s civil in the 1800’s.

Self-proclaimed HITMEN, Bobo (left) and Toogie (right) who say they work for Bacon who pa id them millions of dollars to try to set-up Nygård and fabricate evidence in the court action accusing Nygård and Keod of conspiring to kill.

Until recently, this was the Team that Bacon had engaged in full throttle and motion to hijack all of the modern social advances made by the Bahamian Majority. 

However, in the early part of this year the t ides changed, we saw the fact that he and Fred, using the recently disgraced former Chairman of the FNM, Michael Pintard, recruited and engaged two self-proclaimed “hit-men”, Wisler ‘Bobo’ Davilma and Livingston ‘Toogie’ Bullard to set up an elaborate fabrication scam against Nygård and Keod.

Voice recordings of conversations have now come to light proving that they were hired by Bacon to set up Nygård in an attempt to build a bogus conspiracy suggesting that both Nygård and Keod conspired with them to kill Bacon, Fred and others of Bacon’s nefarious team.

As these two criminals had also implicated PLP Prime Minister Perry Christie and Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis in their plot with Bacon and Fred to assassinate the character of both men as well as Nygård and Keod, Christie have charged the Commissioner of Police to investigate the whole affair and to level criminal charges.

Well, we believe that there is!


The most recent of the vexatious cases brought by Bacon in the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, was against Nygård and Keod for supposedly intim idating him, Fred and others on the basis of this very alleged conspiracy to plot to kill.  However, with the uncovering of these recordings, it is now clear that Bacon set it all up from the beginning using Bobo and Toogie as his henchmen to fabricate information and evidence which has now been put before the Court.


Why is it that criminal charges have not yet been leveled against Bacon, Pintard, Fred and the others who are Plaintiffs in the fabricated claim?

According to Nygård, these activities included the recruitment of two girls named Philincia (Philly) Cleare and Tazhmoye (Taz) Cummings to whom Bacon had promised to both pay significant sums of money, including the money that they have now used to relocate to the USA in exchange for fabricated testimony against Nygård.  Both girls had attempted to blackmail Nygård for $500,000 each.

Reliable sources say that Philincia is now living in the USA with Tazhmoye, financially supported by Bacon as he has done with another former employee of Nygård being used to fabricate ev idence in a civil action against Nygård.  She was last seen to have posted on Facebook as recently as 20th July, 2016.

In the meantime, Toogie and Bobo have been bragging to numerous persons around the country of the millions of dollars pa id to them in cash by Bacon to fabricate the allegations.  They have been heard around town bragging that they were released because of the protection they have from their employer, Bacon.

Although both Bobo and Toogie had been arrested and had been taken into custody by Bahamian police after the Commissioner had been directed by the Prime Minister to investigate, they have been released without charge.

Perry-Christie However, where there is smoke there is fire.  As recently as the weekend of 16 July 2016, Bobo and Toogie along with two other persons were arrested in the Cayman Islands where they were making inquiries with certain commercial banks about depositing their huge sums of cash received from Bacon.  The banks got concerned when they heard the story about how these two self-proclaimed hitmen got their money and dec ided to call the local police who then deported them back to The Bahamas.

This seems to establish probable cause by which these two criminals as well as Bacon should be arrested, taken into custody and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

With the Prime Minister Christie pronouncing from the floor of Parliament that it was reprehensible that the Prime Minister and our country could be attacked by foreign persons like Bacon, he and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fred Mitchell made it clear that they have sought the assistance of the USA FBI and its State Department to thwart this treasonous conspiracy by Bacon to overthrow the democratically elected Government of The Bahamas.

In the wake of the PM’s pronouncement, a lot of debate took place on floor of the Parliament surrounding the tabling of a string of emails fraud allegedly showing the flow of Bacon’s money to and through his incorporated organization called The Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay (aka Save The Bays), brother, Zachary Bacon, Fred’s law firm Callenders & Co and numerous other persons and entities.

The Speaker of the House ultimately ruled not to allow the documents to be tabled at that time, Fred and Bacon hustled before the Court to get an injunction prohibiting the emails being made public although
the emails were sent on to the Commissioner of Police to a id in his investigations.

Indeed, according to our Constitution, the injunction would have no bearing on the Attorney General if she determined that the emails complained underpinned criminal behaviour on the part of Bacon and his unrighteous cohorts in relation to financing Bobo and Toogie and other to fabricate which they have now perpetrated before the Courts.

With this treasure trove of information and basis for the laying of criminal charges against Bacon, Fred and their cohorts, inclusive of self-proclaimed hitmen Bobo and Toogie, it befuddles us as to how or why the current PLP Administration has refused or simply failed to take criminal legal action.

With the 2017 General Election fast approaching, I wonder whether PM Christie and his political colleagues do the right thing and not have their political supporters be forced to repeat their objections as in the 2016 Referendum for reasons of conscience.

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Keod Smith - Keod Smith

Keod Smith is a Barrister in The Bahamas practicing at Commercial Law Advocates, Trinity Place Nassau.

He served as a Member of Parliament for 2002 – 2007 and as Ambassador for the Environment and Chairman of the BEST Commission from 2002 to mid 2006.

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