Peter Nygard is Family!

By: P.J. Malone

It’s a sunny and beautiful day in The Bahamas, but not for the icon of Bahamian Junkanoo culture, Winston Gus Cooper. The Doctor’s pronouncement? “It’s a brain tumor.” Everyone immediately sprung into action. The situation is dire. Gus needs to be airlifted to Flor ida for immediate surgery.

But there’s a problem. The hospital requires $250 thousand dollars to admit this icon to the hospital. “Get the Prime Minister on the line!” Prime Minister Christie laments the situation—it’s a Sunday afternoon. Despite his best efforts, he cannot mobilize his Government to gather the resources on a Sunday. His suggestion? Call Peter Nygard.

Meanwhile, fashion mogul Peter Nygard is out on the ocean enjoying the beautiful day. He is racing a sailboat in a regatta with the great Bahamian musician and sloop sailor, ‘King Eric’ Gibson. But of course, the humanitarian, Peter Nygard will help!

Nygard instructs his daughter Bianca to grab the paperwork, jump into a small boat, and head out to sea to meet him. There, on the deck of a sailboat, Peter Nygard signs the documents prov iding $250 thousand dollars for Bahamian Icon, Winston Gus Cooper, to be airlifted to Florida to receive immediate brain surgery. This, for a man he had never met before!

Yet, this is only one of several instances of Peter Nygard’s benevolence. Carlos Mackey tells a similar story. Motivator and Youth Developer, Carlos Mackey was afflicted with cancer and Mr. Nygard had only recently met him. Nygard took Carlos Mackey for treatment to one of the best clinics there is—the Mayo Clinic in the United States. Peter Nygard pa id for everything and even stayed with Carlos during the surgery. The cost? Over $200 thousand dollars.

“The check [for Winston Gus Cooper] was for a whole lot of money with no stipulation for repayment or anything. It speaks volumes that Mr. Nygard would come to the rescue of the late Winston Gus Cooper in the way he d id.”

“Yet, they [hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon, Fred Smith and Save The Bays] have sought to destroy a man, who has been good to the Bahamian people and benevolent in all his dealings. I feel as though Peter Nygard is being unjustly vilified in the public.”

This is the view of Bahamian Entrepreneur, Douglas Vaval, who was discussing fashion mogul Peter Nygard on Jones Communications’ The Platform. “In knowing the Nygard family, I’ve come to have a great amount of respect for them and in particular Mr. Nygard.” Mr. Vaval stated.

Peter Nygard is sa id to have not only helped individuals with medical emergencies, but also to have helped develop Bahamian culture through his support of Junkanoo. He also played a vital role in sports development in the Bahamas as the principal contributor to the various Olympic teams and individuals who have gone to the Olympics representing the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. And, not only does he make his home available for youth camps, but he also writes checks in contribution to our youth development.

Mr. Vaval feels like the Bahamian people don’t really understand what’s happening with the whole Peter Nygard and Louis Bacon affair. Vaval expressed, “You know why? Because the forces that seem to be against the Nygard family are very strong. It seems as though they are building a story in the media, using the media, to blind the public at large.”

“So, unless you know or find out the facts and details, then you won’t know and see exactly what’s going on.”

“Mr. Nygard is a fair person. He opened up his home and his estate to the locals. I can’t say for certain, but it seems as though certain persons take exception to that. I can’t say who, and I can’t say why. But this is what it seems to me. That’s my 5 cents.”

Mr. Vaval ended his interview by declaring, “We are behind the Nygard family. My Junkanoo and Carnival friends are with me. The Nygard family has our support hands down. Mr. Nygard has an invaluable contribution to make to this country.”

Not only is Peter Nygard known for his benevolence in the Bahamas, He is a humanitarian. In July of 2013, while paying tribute to Peter Nygard, Prime Minister Christie saluted him for his extraordinary humanitarian gestures most especially in helping the late Winston Gus Cooper.

The Prime Minister’s sentiments resonate throughout the community and the Bahamian society in general. Peter Nygard has been in The Bahamas for more than 40 years. Peter Nygard is family! We will not stand idly by and allow Louis Bacon and his cohorts to mess with one of our own!

News date : 05/30/2016   Written by : Jones Bahamas


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